Recently, Ghanaian music diva, Shatana launched a gleaming attack on the Chief Executive Officer of Ruff Town Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet, tagging him as an ungrateful soul for orchestrating a well-calculated lie against TV Africa’s presenter, Larry Bozzlz when news of Wendy Shay comparing her net worth to an iPhone broke the internet.

However in a bid to know what really happened on that faithful day that Wendy Shay shocked her fans by forgetting to check the internet to know her net worth before hitting the studio’s of TV Africa for an interview, approached Larry Bozzlz, host of TV Africa’s video Ryde Show, who recounted his experience and also cleared the air since Bullet is of strong opinion that TV Africa and Larry edited the video to gain more popularity.

According to Larry, He spotted Bullet’s shenanigan long before he even released a counter video on Instagram to appease his artiste [Wendy Shay] fans for her recent failures. “I would have loved to allow sleeping dog to lie still due to the relationship I share with Ruftown records but Bullet’s lies has forced me to come out with the truth even though revealing the truth hurts like a surgery, I just can’t comprehend with the fact my name is been drag in the mud, I have always stood for the truth and clarity, therefore for Bullet to come out with a cynical statement in defense of his artiste [Wendy Shay] is gross disrespect to me”.

“He is an ingrate, I can’t even count the number of times I have conducted free interviews for his artistes, particularly with Wendy Shay.  Am just surprised he was able to deceive the public that I doctored a  full interview session just to gain traffic and attention”.

“I really commend Shatana for disclosing the truth to the public even before I did because I thought I was covering up for a friend by not washing his dirty clothes in public only for him to let me know that he takes delight in doing so in public”.

I urge Bullet and Wendy Shay to accept the mess they have created for themselves and learn from it because living a deceitful life is just like locking up yourself in a cage