Songstress Shatana and Actress Akuapem Poloo fought over twerking.

Shatana is a well know musician who has produced uncountable hit songs and interesting Albums. Shatana happened to be a direct sister of Ghanaiana Hiplife musician Terry Bonchaka and as we all knew how musically good Terry was,so as Shatana.

It seems Shatana is never happy about some behaviours Akupem Poloo have been putting on social media just for attention sake. According to Shatana,she’s not happy about the twerking things the actress have been doing on social media. Sometime ago on a show,Shatana told Akuapem Poloo never to twerk in her presence but since is been a while Poloo have forgotten about what the songstress told her.

Over the passed weekend,there was awards night which took place at  A.M.A(SNAP CINEMA). It was Ghana Students Awards and Shatana and some other celebrities were invited to go and present the awards to the winners including Akuapem Poloo and many more. At the program, they called more of the celebrities on stage to perform including Shatana and Akuapem Poloo. The funny part was that Poloo and Shatana found themselves on same stage. We already knew what Akuapem Poloo is capable of doing when she hit stage,she started twerking forgotten that Shatana warned her never to twerk whenever she’s around. According to Shatana,she told Poloo several times on the stage that she don’t like the twerking thing she’s doing so she should stop.

“I told Akuapem Poloo several times on couple of shows that the next time she will twerk in my presence i will find cane and lash her. Unconsciously i didn’t even intend to do that so when she was twerking,i was searching for cane to lash her but i couldn’t find one so i started chasing her to beat her and she started somersaulting over the place and finally i caught her and gave her some beatings here and there. I held her hands and wanted to beat her more but because i don’t want to promote violence in the entertainment industry so i just have to put a stop to it.” Shatana revealed.

People asked so when will Poloo go to a program and she won’t twerk? We pray Poloo put a stop to her twerking thing and bring out different style of doing her things because Poloo is always depending on twerking for trend and hype. According to Shatana,she repeated the same warning to Akuapem Poloo that anytime she will see Poloo twerking she will beat her again and she will not stop beating her until she put a stop to the twerking thing.

“Akuapem Poloo herself after the program i told her that  anytime i see her twerking again i will beat her and i will not stop beating her until she put a stop to it because there are children in the Country and they cannot destroy the upcoming children and those who have future with the twerking. She can do it in her bedroom but not to bring it to social media and also open doors.”

We will keep praying for Akuapem Poloo so she can change as soon as possible,we love Poloo and Shatana and we will continue to support them all.

Watch video of Shatana and Akuapem Poloo fighting below.