Ghanaian artiste, Ranaya Pappoe, popularly known as Shatana in the showbiz industry has attributed the soaring cases of the deadly coronavirus to the activities of homosexuals in the country.

According to the artiste, several diseases and global outbreaks have eluded Ghana for decades, but the country is now at the mercy of COVID-19 “all because gays and lesbians”.

The entertainer stressed that it is no doubt that mankind now takes delight in committing atrocities and immoral acts just to satisfy their greed or pleasures, but one thing that really infuriates God is the practice of homosexuality.

To buttress her claim, Shatana cited the calamity that befell Sodom and Gomorrah in the medieval period, adding that the only solution to coronavirus is for Ghanaians to stop practicing homosexuality.

“Sincerely, gays and lesbians in Ghana are the cause of Ghana’s predicament. Before their activities became popular in the country, we were not experiencing this mysterious diseases, but look at us now…..we have incurred the wrath of God just like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Believe me our only solution is for the gays and lesbians in Ghana to stop practicing their immoral acts,” the artiste wrote on her Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Ghana has recorded 132 confirmed cases of coronavirus including 3 fatalities as of March 26, 2020.