Musician and sister of the late Terrybonchaka , Shatana has urged young female artists to resist producers and managers who want to have sex with them before they help them.

The mobile money crooner said it is better for your sensible songs, gift, and talents to be recognized and helped naturally than give yourself to people in order to be a star.

The singer noted that she thinks most of the songs in the system are senseless and it’s because people are full of negativity so they end up coming out with senseless negative songs.

Speaking with Ephyia Stard Edna, host of Ghana Nti on KFM TV, the Musician Shatana called on young ladies who are into prostitution to come to her for assistance if only they are ready to change.

Adding that it will be appropriate if young girls who are into prostitution change and have value for their body because at the age of 60, they can’t work with their body so they must work hard now and invest in order to enjoy when they are aged.